Addiction-People Buying ‘Dumb’ Phones To Kick Their Social Media Addiction

People Buying ‘Dumb’ Phones To Kick Their Social Media Addiction.It’s a sad fact of modern day life that many of us are glued to our phones. But some people are stepping back in time by ditching their smartphones for older, more basic models – so-called dumb phones.

All they do is give owners the ability to make and receive calls, just like a, erm, phone.

global sales of dumb phones went up by 5% last year, while smartphone sales only rose by 2%.

Going with a dumb phone instead allows her to switch off from social media’s regular notifications

Recent research showed that people check their phones every 12 minutes on average. Psychologist Dr Daria Kuss said some smartphones users develop a genuine addiction to the device. She added: ‘They may be afraid to miss out on anything that may be happening on their social media channels being one of the reasons why they use it compulsively and this may lead to symptoms that have been association with addiction like withdrawal, preoccupation and loss of control.’


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