Hacker interrupts virtual congressional debate with gay porn

An online forum Thursday between two candidates running for Congress in California was interrupted shortly after opening statements when a hacker broke into the stream and began showing sex acts between two men, according to a local report.

Only a few seconds of pornography was shown, KRCR-TV reports, before the feed was shut down.

“Looks like we got hacked again, we’ll try to fix this,” moderator Chris Verrill said before the feed was shut down.

Verrill said he was disappointed that the candidates and the democratic process weren’t shown respect.

“We had a community forum, and while it’s disappointing people did not respect us, or the candidates, or more importantly the democratic process, or the community, that’s part of the way democracy works,” Verrill told the station.

Both Green Party candidate Lewis Elbinger and Democratic candidate David Peterson, along with the radio station KFOI 90.0FM, have agreed to participate in another online forum. 

The two candidates are among seven running for the Democratic nomination to take on incumbent

The Republican’s seat is considered safe in the general election. 

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