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Kim Kardashian Reveals the Trick to Getting a Shapely Seductive Bum

The shapewear apparently features extra bonding which might help smooth certain things, like, for example, cellulite on one’s thighs.

Reality TV star and social media personality Kim Kardashian recently revealed how a new garment of hers could help one to literally shape certain parts of their body into a more seductive form and hide certain details away from prying eyes.

a video posted on her Instagram page, Kim posed in form-fitting shorts, touting the release of her new Skims line release which, as the Sun put it, offers extra “bonding” to help cover any “imperfections.”


“It is totally different than our signature shapewear. This whole part is lined in a power mesh so it’s a really thick [material]. This is for if you need extra tummy [support]”, she said while showing off the garment. “This is like, major hold in your tummy.”

She also pointed out how the shapewear could help hide certain details that people might want to avoid flaunting before onlookers.

“So I feel like it definitely snatches here,” Kim said pointing at her thighs. “I am big on cellulite on the thigh. So I wanted to make sure there was extra bonding on the side of the thigh.”

The newspaper also notes that Kim Kardashian was previously criticised for attempting to hide her cellulite when images of her “un-airbrushed bikini body” snapped during a holiday in Mexico in 2017 became available to the public.

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